Grant's Kayaking Album

Written and produced by
Chris Manning and recorded by
Chris and the Penrith Symphony orchestra

So Here you are now

If you know me well enough, you'd have to know by now I write tonnes of songs with never any intention on using them for anything serious. I wrote this album in January 2017 with only a bunch of emotions going through my mind, so I guess that's why 3 of the tracks sound so cheesy sad.
So this is how it all came about. I wrote 7 songs to be recorded with the Penrith Symphony orchestra and 1 song I could record at home in the studio. I took the charts to the Joan Southerland Centre where I recorded all the orchestral parts with a small string section, a piano player, 2 guitarists and myself on drums. The lyrics of the songs don't exist yet, so the general vibe of the ensemble is they're about to record an emotional sad album.
Anyways... I wrote the lyrics at work in my phone, pretty much how I write all lyrics, unless I'm with Bob, in which case it's a matter of record one line, write one line and hope it rhymes. Tracked all vocals and extra guitars and stuff, then bounced the album down to Itunes. Then.. yeah... 1 kayaking album, done.


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Track List

1 - Here you are now - Written by Manno & Aneka Recorded at John Southerland Center, Penrith

2 - Grant's Day Out (Beach Boys Ripoff) Lyrics written by Manno Recorded at Symphonics

3 - Down the well - Written by Manno & Aneka Recorded at John Southerland Center, Penrith

4 - Take her Kayaking - Written by Manno Recorded at John Southerland Center, Penrith

5 - Kayaking - Written by Manno Recorded at ESR


Yeah soon...



Drums/Vocals - Chris Manning
Guitar - Martin Hudson
Guitar - Graeme Fisher
Bass - Victor Crouch
Piano/Organ - Graham Blundell
Violin - Silvia Medhurst
Violin - Lisa Cawz
Violin - John Harvey
Cello - Maddie Thomson
Cello - Alex Peachey
Trumpet - Paul Howard
Trombone - Doug Stanmore